MooBell is a revolution in dairy food manufacturing and consumption. Promoted by Divine Dairy, Chennai, we offer farm fresh dairy products straight from the farms to your doorstep.


Farm fresh goodness at your doorstep

Relish the farm fresh goodness of pure cow’s milk in a variety of Moobell products – plain milk, curd, ice-creams, milkshakes, ghee and paneer.

Authentic products

Authentic, clean, hygienic, healthy, farm-fresh and pure milk products are what we deal in. And that’s never changing.

Farm-fresh guarantee

Our milk comes to your doorstep straight from happy cows, after testing them for bacteriological quality before packaging.

Taste without compromise

MooBell is proof that great taste doesn’t need anything expect its raw ingredients. Promise.

What They Say About Us

As a mother with a nursing baby that has a milk protein intolerance I have been looking for a new way to enjoy cereal again! I tried a bit with dinner then had a bowl of cereal for snack in the evening. The plant protein milk is a bit sweeter than I had expected but it was good! I plan on using this daily!


What They Say About Us

This milk is very good and tastey. I drink this daily!


What They Say About Us

This Milk is so good and great for you! I only use non dairy milk